GBAR3 competes

At CrossFit GBAR3 we compete against ourselves every day, each of us judging today’s performance versus our own past results; always striving to get better, healthier, more fit. Some of us have friendly rivalries with workout partners, challenging us to push harder to get one more rep, add 5 more pounds or find 10 more seconds to shave off our times. Many take it to the next level, entering local, regional and national competitions to test ourselves against our peers in the CrossFit community, meet new people and have fun.

Everything we do at GBAR3, how we program, coach and focus our efforts, leads to better performance in this “Sport of Fitness” called CrossFit. We practice gymnastics – moving our bodies through space – and weightlifting – moving objects through space – always with 100% emphasis on safety, movement mechanics and range of motion. We then throw in monostructural work (think running & rowing) to fine tune our metabolic engines. Result: optimized General Physical Preparedness, preparing us for sport, play, or any of the challenges that life brings.

Our athletes who wish to optimize their own competition performance take this baseload, and add the extra strength, skill, tactical and mental work needed to compete in today’s CrossFit. We support their goals by providing additional gym hours, customized programming and tactics coaching. In 2017, after 5 years in business, here’s what GBAR3 athletes have to show for their efforts:

  • Multiple podium finishes (First, Second or Third Place) in local competitions such as Hammer & Chisel, Oktoberfest Obliteration, Forever Young
  • First and Second Place finishes in regional competitions such as The Fittest Games and the CrossFit Games Open – South Central
  • First Place finish in international competition Row’d Royalty
  • As many as three athletes making it through the Open to the Master’s Qualifier for 5 straight years – including 2017 – signifying top 200 ranking worldwide
  • Three years global top 50 Open Masters ranking

The same people who achieved these results are coaching, sharing tips and working out with you every day at GBAR3. Not off in a corner doing their own thing but right alongside you. If you want to learn about finding competition success, surviving dark places or just fine tuning movements, all you have to do is lean over and ask!

Magnolia CrossFit 2017

Fittest Games 2017

Young Guns 2017

Fight Gone Beer 2017

Forever Young 2016

Hammer & Chisel 2015

Fittest Games 2014

Judging CrossFit Games 2012


Doing the common uncommonly well.