Drink Up, The Importance of Hydration For CrossFit

Dehydration Demolished: Unleash Your CrossFit Potential!

Welcome to Day 2 of our summer CrossFit hydration series! Today, we’re unleashing the secrets to demolishing dehydration and unlocking your true CrossFit potential. Get ready to power up, perform at your peak, and leave dehydration in the dust!

Crush Dehydration, Conquer CrossFit

Dehydration is your sworn enemy on the path to victory. It zaps your energy, saps your endurance, and hinders your mental focus. It’s time to rise above and dominate your CrossFit game!

Hydration = Performance Amplified

Fuel your success with hydration. Unlock unparalleled energy, amplified endurance, enhanced muscle function, and razor-sharp mental acuity. Embrace hydration as your secret weapon to unleash your full CrossFit potential.

Warning: Dehydration Ahead

Spot the signs of dehydration like a pro. Dry mouth, thirst, dark urine, fatigue, dizziness, and pesky muscle cramps are your rivals on the battlefield. Respond swiftly and hydrate to keep your edge.

Timing is Everything

Master the art of perfect timing in your hydration strategy. Pre-workout, hydrate like a warrior. During training, sip strategically. Post-workout, refuel and recharge. Stay one step ahead of dehydration and dominate every CrossFit session.

Hydration, Personalized

Forge your unique hydration path. Customize your plan based on body weight, sweat rate, and workout intensity. Fine-tune your fluid intake, listen to your body, and conquer dehydration on your own terms.

Electrolytes: Your Secret Weapon

Replenish with power-packed electrolytes. Sweat robs your body of vital sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Restore the balance with coconut water, low sugar sports drinks or electrolyte supplements, and keep your performance electrifying.

Today, we’ve unleashed the devastating blows to dehydration, revealing the formula to unlock your true CrossFit potential. Embrace the impact, spot the signs, time your hydration, personalize your plan, and recharge with electrolytes. Rise above, conquer, and pave the way to victory!

CrossFit GBAR3 WOD

deadlift 5 x 5

WOD (see 05.31.22)
7 rounds
7 SDHP, 75/55
7 push press

not for time,
3 rounds
10 hollow rocks
20 Superman’s


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