Technique Tuesday: Bench Press

Technique Tuesday: Bench Press

The bench press is a classic exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. But if performed with improper form, it can lead to injury and less effective results. So, in this Technique Tuesday post, we’re going to dive into the proper form and technique for the bench press.

  1. Set up properly
    Start by setting up on the bench with your feet flat on the ground, your shoulder blades retracted and tight, and your chest lifted. Grip the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart, and make sure your wrists are straight.
  2. Lower the bar with control
    Lower the bar towards your sternum while maintaining tension in your upper back. Keep your elbows tucked in, and focus on keeping the bar over your chest.
  3. Press the bar explosively
    Once the bar touches your sternum, press it back up explosively. Focus on driving your feet into the ground and maintaining a stable position throughout the lift.
  4. Keep your form in check
    Throughout the entire lift, focus on keeping your elbows tucked in and your wrists straight. Avoid flaring your elbows out, as this can lead to shoulder injury. Also, make sure to maintain tension in your upper back throughout the movement.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when performing the bench press:

  1. Start with a weight that you can handle with proper form, and gradually increase the weight as you progress.
  2. Use a spotter when lifting heavy weights to ensure safety.
  3. Remember to breathe properly throughout the movement. Inhale as you lower the bar, and exhale as you press it back up.
  4. Use the bench press as a strength-building exercise to complement other movements we do at CrossFit GBAR3.

bench press 5 x 5

3 rounds
row 250m
10 slam balls, 30/20

20 GHD hip extensions and GHD sit ups


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